B4Play – As Above

Brian Markinson and Gregor Craigie / Photo by Don Craig

B4PLAY (In-person + Online)
Saturday, February 3 at 11 am
BMO Studio, 1291 Gladstone Avenue

Our live talk show hosted by CBC Radio’s Gregor Craigie and featuring artists from the upcoming show, along with experts from the community, has been designed to provide insight into each Mainstage production.

Our panelists include Christine Quintana (playwright), Camellia Koo (set designer) and community experts Barbara Hawkins (Professor in the Centre for Forest Biology at UVic), and Bernie Pauly (Professor in Nursing at the University of Victoria and prominent substance use researcher).

Each event is held the Saturday before Opening, is free to attend, live streamed on Facebook, and is available as a podcast on our website.

B4Play is ASL Interpreted.

To reserve your free tickets, please call our Box Office 250-385-6815.

Biographies – Community Experts

Dr. Barbara Hawkins

I am fascinated by how trees withstand environmental stress over centuries, or even millennia. In Canada’s forests, the stresses of low nutrient availability and winter cold are common, yet trees survive and thrive across much of our landscape. I study how trees take up and allocate nutrients, particularly nitrogen, often with the help of mycorrhizal partners; and how they alter their physiology to tolerate freezing temperatures. I am particularly interested in co-adaptation of conifers and their mycorrhizal partners, and in variation among tree populations in stress tolerance.

My work ranges from lab experiments using ion-selective microelectrodes to measure net flux of nutrient ions in mycorrhizal roots, to field work assessing nutrient stoichiometry of foliage, fungi and soil.

Dr. Bernie Pauly

Dr. Bernie Pauly is a professor in the UVic School of Nursing, a scientist with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (formerly CARBC), a member of the Renewal of Public Health Services Research Team, and a priority lead for the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. The primary focus of her research is reducing health inequities associated with substance use, poverty, and homelessness.