The (Post) Mistress

Book, Music and Lyrics by Tomson Highway

Streaming May 11 – 16, 2021

The (Post) Mistress

Book, Lyrics and Music by Tomson Highway

Simon Miron – Director

Naomi Woo – Music Director 

Andrew Moro – Set Designer

Andréanne Dandeneau – Costume Designer 

Larry Isacoff – Lighting Designer

Chris Coyne – Sound Designer

Katie German – Assistant Director

Shauna Jones – Assistant Set Designer

Kathryn Ball – Stage Manager

Zoë Leclerc-Kennedy – Assistant Stage Manager

Frank Digital – Video Production



Krystle Pederson – Marie-Louise Painchaud



Neil Watson – Tenor Saxophone

Naomi Woo – Piano



The post office in Lovely, a small town in francophone Northern Ontario. Friday, August 9, 1986, that is, a time before the internet, when people wrote letters on paper, frequently by hand and sent them by post.

The (Post) Mistress was first produced in its final English form by O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk and Public Energy Performing Arts at The Market Hall Performing Arts Centre.

Mr. Highway is represented by Catherine Mensour/The Mensour Agency Ltd. Special thanks: St. John’s Music for the grand piano.

Production photography by Hugh Conacher.

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Taansi, Nimiss (Hey Big Sister)

Hey, Good-Lookin’

Quand Je Danse (When I Dance)

Oh, Little Bear

Love I Know is Here

The Window

When I was Last in Buenos Aires, Argentina Some Say a Rose

Mad to Love

Have I Told You

The Robins of Dawn

Krystle Pederson in The (Post) Mistress by Tomson Highway / Photo by Hugh Conacher / Set Designer Andrew Moro / Costume Designer Andréanne Dandeneau / Lighting Designer Larry Isacoff

Dear audience: thank you for being here. A goodly chunk of my writing career addresses itself to the question of what I call the "Mother Earth principle", that is, the idea of divinity in female form. In Monotheism - i.e. Christian mythology - no such idea exists. What did was its predecessor, polytheism, that ancient Greek system of many gods. And goddesses. In that system, God had a wife. His name was Zeus, the King of the sky. Her name was Hera, aka - Mother Earth, the question being: what on earth ever happened to her? In polytheism, not only did God have a wife, he also had a brother. His name was Hades. The King of Death, he ruled over a region of humankind's existence called the afterlife. HE also had a wife. Her name was Persephone, the Queen of Death. This is her story... - Tomson Highway, Gatineau, Quebec 10 mars, 2021

A letter from playwright Tomson Highway to you


Marie-Louise Painchaud is no ordinary postmistress. Tomson Highway envisions her as Persephone, sorting through letters between the living and dead.

Persephone is the Greek goddess of springtime and maidenhood, and is the queen of the Underworld. She is married to Hades, who is also her uncle. Her Roman name is Proserpine.

Persephone was born to Zeus and harvest-goddess Demeter, and became the queen of the Underworld. Zeus, however, did not care for Persephone, and left them both. Demeter would then raise Persephone alone.

As soon as Persephone matured, she gained many suitors. She, however, remained a maiden. One morning, she was out picking flowers when Hades burst through the Earth, riding a golden chariot pulled by black horses. He had seen her earlier that day and had fallen in love with her. He grabbed her by the wrist and waist, took into the chariot, and down to the Underworld.

Persephone spent a year there. In this time period, during the first nine days her mother Demeter was distraught and searched for her. Hekate saw Persephone one of the nine days and told Demeter. Demeter became intensely sad and stopped caring about nature and the Earth. This caused nature to die, and the first winter to occur.

Persephone longed for a friend, and hated Hades. However, he soon grew on her, and she experienced true freedom (in Hades, at least). Soon, Hecate came down and befriended her, and Hades grew happy for Persephone.

Zeus then ordered Hades to return Persephone, but Hades sent a wonderful gift to Zeus. Persephone also ate six pomegranates, which cursed her to stay there for six months. Zeus was taken by the gift but was torn between it and nature. He, Demeter, and Hades came to an agreement: Persephone would spend winter in Hades and the rest of the year with Demeter.


Biographies - Cast

photograph of the actor krystle pederson

Krystle Pederson

Marie-Louise Painchaud

Krystle Pederson is a Cree/ Métis singer, dancer, actor and musician with an outstanding career. Krystle is a recipient of the CBC Future 40 Award, shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Arts Awards for Emerging Artist as well as a nomination for the YWCA Woman of Distinction Awards. Krystle’s list of acting credits includes a supporting role in the Saskatchewan film Run: Broken Yet Brave; Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre’s The (Post) Mistress, Sum Theatre’s Little Badger and the Fire Spirit, National Arts Centre’s Gabriel Dumont Wild West Show. Red Sky Theatre: Mistatim. Ferre Play Theatre: The Penelopiad. Persephone Theatre: Reasonable Doubt. Currently Krystle is the lead vocalist for Lynx Lamour Goes to Nashville, a brand new one-woman Cree musical written and composed by Tomson Highway. Krystle has had the great pleasure of taking this musical to New Zealand and has been touring Canada over the past two years. As it has been a long year without performance due to COVID-19, Krystle is very excited to reprise her role as the “(Post) Mistress” as well as have her debut performance with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg. Krystle hopes that everyone enjoys the show from the comfort of their homes. So grab a glass of wine, sit back, stay safe and enjoy the show.

Naomi Woo

Piano / Music Director

Naomi Woo is a prominent young Canadian conductor and pianist, recognized by CBC (30 Under 30) and Flare Magazine (How I Made It) as a rising star on the Canadian classical music scene, and notable for her work as a socially-engaged artist and educator. As Assistant Conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Naomi programmes and conducts educational concerts and is a leader in community engagement. Naomi is also the first Music Director of Sistema Winnipeg, a music programme for social change. 
As an opera conductor and music director, Naomi is remarkable for her collaborative approach and natural command for storytelling through music. She has conducted operas with students and young professionals in US and the UK, and collaboratively created new, genre-bending operatic works with Sasha Amaya and Catherine Kontz (A Certain Sense of Order, Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2017), Sophie Seita (Beethoven Was a Lesbian, Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2020), and Alex Ho/Julia Cheng (dramaturg for Untold, Snape Maltings 2019).
She is delighted to be playing Tomson Highway’s incredible piano music for the first time and making her musical theatre debut. 



Neil Watson

Tenor Saxophone

Saxophonist Neil Watson has been an active performer on the Winnipeg music scene for more than two decades. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in saxophone performance and began to hone his jazz skills by studying with Sasha Boychouk in Winnipeg and Mike Murley in Toronto. In 2004, he returned to the U of M to pursue a Master’s Degree. During this time, he made numerous trips to New York to work with various musicians and absorb the city’s rich jazz scene. While there, he studied with legendary alto saxophonist Gary Bartz, Miguel Zenón, Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson, and Sherman Irby among others. Neil graduated with his Master’s Degree in jazz performance in the spring of 2006 and performs regularly with numerous groups including the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, The Ron Paley Big Band, and Marco Castillo’s Brazilian Beats. Neil has shared the stage with Miguel Zenón, Curtis Fuller, Rob McConnell, Dave Young, PJ Perry, Terreon Gully and many other world-class jazz artists. In addition to his busy performing schedule, Neil has taught Jazz Theory, Jazz Pedagogy and directed student and community jazz ensembles at the U of M and is director of The Bridge: Music for Life, a program that offers music instruction in a classroom setting to inner-city children.

Biographies - Creative Team

Tomson Highway – Playwright

Tomson Highway is a Cree writer and pianist/songwriter from Northern Manitoba. Among many others, his best-known works are the plays: The Rez Sisters, Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, and the best-selling novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen. He lives in Gatineau, Quebec with his loving partner of 37 years where, together, they are busy, and very happy grandpapas of two angelic young children. He is working on a hot new book that will be sure to shock the living daylights out of the world. You must read it.

Simon Miron - Director

Director: Pippin, American Idiot (ViC/WST); Freestyle Fantastique, Songs for a New World (White Rabbit Productions); The Last 48(ArtLaunch); 7 Stories (TBTR); The Last Five Years (Winnipeg Fringe). Acting: The House at Pooh Corner, James and the Giant Peach, Honk! (MTYP); Le Boucher, Le Père, Heyderabad (TCM); Little Shop of Horrors, South Pacific, Les Misérables, The Little Mermaid, The Producers (Rainbow); Blithe Spirit (Echo Theatre).

Founding member of the Village Conservatory for Music Theatre (ViC). Simon holds a masters from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and trained with Peter Hinton at the Stratford Festival.

Simon is a francophone Métis artist who self identifies as two spirited. In loving memory of Rita Miron (née Cormier).

Andrew Moro - Set Designer

Andy Moro is a mixed-blood interdisciplinary artist and co-founder of ARTICLE 11 with Tara Beagan. A11’s recent theatrical work Deer Woman has met international acclaim. The National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre recently released a digital iteration created by ARTICLE 11 in association with Downstage, Calgary. A11’s performance installations DECLARATION and ROOM have been adapted across Turtle Island. ROOM is presently being reinvented with Making Treaty 7 for a large-scale outdoor iteration in Calgary. Moro’s recent design includes Beagan’s The Ministry of Grace for the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, The Third Colour for PTE, Finding Wolastoq Voice at TNB, Dancers of Damelahamid’s Minowin, Spirit & Tradition, Unnatural and Accidental at NACIT and Kaha:wi’s Blood Tides. Upcoming is SkyDancers for Montreal’s A’nó:wara Dance, MTYP’s Frozen River and Lady Day for Theatre Calgary.

Andréanne Dandeneau - Costume Designer

Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau was born and raised in Saint Boniface, MB and is of Ojibwa/French Métis ancestry. She studied one year in Environmental Design at the U of M; moved to Montréal to pursue post-secondary studies in French (2001); graduated with a Diploma in International Fashion Design from Collège LaSalle (2004). Prior to launching her company in 2005, Andréanne drew from her own contemporary dance experience and began designing costumes for dance troupes. She has been the costume designer for the Nafro Dance Company since 2004; commissioned by the RWB to design an “Alexander McQueen-inspired” haute couture gown (2012/13 season); commissioned by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to design a shawl for Ginette Reno’s performance at their opening ceremony (2014); stylized Lisa Meeches, APTN Host, on Taken for several seasons. She earned the Excellence in Aboriginal Business Leadership Award from the Asper School of Business (2016). In 2020, she celebrated 15 years as designer and manufacturer, in Winnipeg. Andréanne is committed to fair trade, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices. Today she operates as Anne Mulaire and continues to explore her Métis heritage.

Larry Isacoff - Lighting Designer

For Royal MTC: Di and Viv and Rose, 23.5 Hours, Armstrong’s War, The Secret Annex, Harvey, Other People’s Money, August: Osage County, The Fighting Days, The Shunning, The Seafarer, Looking Back – West, Bleeding Hearts, Rope’s End, The Retreat from Moscow, Fully Committed, Mating Dance of the Werewolf, The Miracle Worker, Cloud Nine, Bedroom Farce, How I Got That Story, The Affections of May, Mrs. Klein, The Gin Game, Paper Wheat.

OTHER THEATRE: Cercle Molière, Globe Theatre, 25th Street Theatre, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, PTE, MTYP, Persephone Theatre, Dry Cold Productions.

Evie Award for Outstanding Lighting Design in 2020. Larry divides his time between engaging theatre projects, sitting on the Board of Directors for Sarasvàti Productions and teaching yoga.

Chris Coyne - Sound Designer

For Royal MTC: The Mountaintop, Fun Home, Kill Me Now (with NAC), The Hound of the Baskervilles (2016 Tour).

OTHER THEATRE: Chris has had the pleasure of working with many local and international theatre groups. Credits include Routes 2016/17 Tour (MTYP); The Hound of the Baskervilles Mar. 2015, Little Thing, Big Thing Sept. 2015 (PTE); EDEN 2013 (Sarasvàti); Bashir Lazhar Mar. 2013 (TPM); Angels in America 2012, Perestroika 2014 (WJT); Three Sisters 2011 (zone41). TRAINING: Chris is a graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology.

Chris has been involved in the theatre industry in Winnipeg for many years. Currently working as Royal MTC’s Technical Director at the John Hirsch Mainstage.

Katie German - Assistant Director

For Royal MTC: Mentee in the 2020/21 National Mentorship Program. Assistant Program Director of the 2020/21 Pimootayowin Creators Circle.

OTHER THEATRE: Directing/Assistant/ Associate: Embodying Power and Place (Nightwood Theatre & Harlem Productions); Katharsis (PTE); Elizabeth Rex (Bunbury Productions); Tiny Treasures, Charlie Brown Double Bill (MTYP); Matilda The Musical, Newsies, Tuck Everlasting *Canadian Premiere (Junior Musical Theatre Company). Performance: A Year with Frog and Toad, Seussical The Musical (MTYP); Women of the Fur Trade (Vault Projects); Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, South Pacific (Rainbow Stage); Pippin, American Idiot (WST/ViC); Evil Dead The Musical, The Last Five Years, The Rocky Horror Show (Wasteland Productions); Sweeney Todd (Dry Cold Productions).

FILM/TV: Wolf Joe Cartoon (Media RendezVous/Big Jump Media Inc.).

TRAINING: Graduate of Grant MacEwan University, Theatre Performance.

Shauna Jones - Assistant Set Designer

For Royal MTC: Women of the Fur Trade, Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley.

OTHER THEATRE: Lawrence and Holloman, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Good People, Prelude to a Kiss (Guild Hall – Whitehorse, YT).

TRAINING: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity Practicum program (2019) in Scenic Art.

Shauna would like to extend a sincere thanks for the additional and thoughtful support of the Kingfisher Foundation, and to Royal MTC for giving her this opportunity.

Kathryn Ball - Stage Manager

For Royal MTC: Mainstage: The New Canadian Curling Club, Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical, Shakespeare in Love (with Citadel), Steel Magnolias,The Shunning, The Importance of Being Earnest, Dreamgirls, Orpheus Descending. Warehouse: Bang Bang. Regional tours: Last Train to Nibroc, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Armstrong’s War, Miracle on South Division Street, Ed’s Garage, The Melville Boys, Bad Dates.

OTHER THEATRE: Numerous productions with Manitoba Opera, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Rainbow Stage, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Citadel Theatre (Edmonton) and the Globe Theatre (Regina), Sarasvàti Productions, The Little Opera Company.

TRAINING: Theatre Production program at MacEwan University in Edmonton and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Manitoba.

Zoë Leclerc-Kennedy - Assistant Stage Manager

For Royal MTC: Apprentice Stage Manager: Women of the Fur Trade, As You Like It, Fun Home, Heisenberg, Shakespeare in Love, Sarah Ballenden, Bittergirl: The Musical. Zoë has worked in the Prop Shop for various productions since 2017 and has worked for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival since 2014.

OTHER THEATRE: Live Stream Show Runner: Seven Visions, Fem Fest 2020 (Sarasvàti). Apprentice Stage Manager: A Charlie Brown Double Bill (MTYP); Falstaff (MB Opera). Head of Props (Watermark Theatre, 2019); Props Apprentice (Grand Theatre, 2018/19 season); Props Coordinator (Sarasvàti’s Fem Fest, 2016-2019).

TRAINING: University of Winnipeg with a BA (Hons), specialization in Theatre Production and Stage Management. Prop Builder Practicum: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Frank Digital - Video Production

FRANK Digital is a full-service video production studio and world-class post production facility, with operations in Winnipeg. Our focus, whether we are producing commercials, documentaries, or television series, is to produce thought-provoking, socially responsible content. FRANK has an affinity for working with organizations that do good in the world and encourage their audience to achieve great things as citizens. With this in mind, we have produced multi-award- winning commercials, documentaries and corporate films for agencies and brands. We know how to conceptualize, create, and deliver creative products that exceed client expectations on all levels.

Why I Chose This Play

Any piece of writing from the pen of Tomson Highway is of interest. Highway’s The Rez Sisters was a hit of such proportions that it effectively moved Indigenous theatre into the mainstream. When David Mirvish produced Highway’s next play, Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, on the stage of Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre, Indigenous writing moved from the mainstream to the mainstage.

Tomson Highway’s writing is so full of exuberance and wicked humour that it cuts across cultural boundaries. The Rez Sisters is always a hit—wherever it is produced—as it was when it opened the Belfry’s 2014-2015 Season. Those same qualities are in ample evidence in his musical The (Post) Mistress.

An accomplished pianist, Highway amazingly wrote the script, the music and the lyrics for this piece.  He has written songs in a wide variety of styles, and filled this musical with enormous heart.  It is a love story about love stories.  It is a portrait of a life, told through tales of other people’s lives.

With Tomson Highway’s writing and Krystle Pederson’s performance, this is a musical tour de force that delights and tugs at our heartstrings. 

Michael Shamata


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Gillian Wood
Marianne Yelle *
Patricia M. Young *
Anonymous (4)
Amy Adams & David Secord
Sandra Anderson *
Lynne Bain
William & Sharon Baker *
Terence Barker
Christine & Michael Bloomfield
Sheila & Murray Bradley *
Peter Bray & Lorna Popham *
Sherry & John Butler *
Trevor & Maureen Calkins *
Karen Carter
Lyn Davis *
Brenda Eaton
Sabrina Flint
Eric & Michele Fretz *
Peter Gibson *
Dr Morgan Hall
Chris & Catriona Harker *
Sara Harman
Rand & Margaret Harrison *
Jennifer Hawthorn *
Rosemarie Hayes *
Joel Hefty *
John & Elaine Hooper *
Peter Kruselnicki
Jeanne Lamon & Christina Mahler
Allana Lindgren *
Robert & Lynda Malpass *
Marilyn Mickelberry *
Sara Olivotto *
Michael William Pidgeon *
Adrienne Radford *
Nicola Ruth Rendell
Jaci Ross *
Esther Sangster-Gormley *
Bruce Scott *
Sheila Skinnider *
Ann Smith *
Brian & Barbara Smith 
Jan & Don Storch *
Sandra T. Stott *
Henry & Marian Summerfield *
Lynn Thomson *
Kenneth Wm. Thornicroft
David & Dorothy Torontow *
Judy Treloar
Avril & Robert Tyrrell *
Terry Vatrt *
Alison Watt *
Barbara L. Wilson *
Colin Wolf
Rachel Wyatt
David & Eloise Yaxley *
Anonymous (3)
Marjory Acton *
Catherine Aquart *
Douglas Baer
Arlette Baker
Clayton Baraniuk & Jason Dubois
Reginald Beniac *
Josie & Gene Bernhard
Barbara Best *
Ron Bischler *
Scott Borland *
Pat Bottrell *
Anita Boyd *
Gail Branton *
Frances Bryan *
Monty & Nancy Bryant *
Kristi Buchanan *
Walter & Sandra Burgess *
David & Moira Cameron *
Colin & Linda Campbell
Elizabeth (Scotty) Carley
Erika Carter *
Linda Chang *
George & Anne Clark *
David Alexander Clark *
Jo-Anne Clarke
Nancy & Michael Coady *
George & Diane Copley *
Ron Cox *
Fern Davidson *
Allan & Fern Davies *
Mavis De Girolamo *
Concha Dennis
Oksana Dexter *
Gail Duguid *
Cindy Dunphy *
Ross & Faye Eddy
Karen Edwards *
Barb Edwards *
Rob England *
Rita Estock *
Christine Fagan *
Karen Fast *
Delaine Faulkner *
Carol Fedrau-Ens *
Maggi Feehan *
Wes & Heidi Fisher *
Celine Fittes *
Rene Fortier *
Malcolm Foy
Adria Fraser
Gordon D. Fulton *
Janine Gagnier *
George Galt
Charlotte Gann *
Ann Gargett
Christine Gaudet *
Geoff & Linda Giles *
Gloria Gillingham
Kate & Ted Girard *
Leslie Glazier *
Carol Goodger-Hill
Eileen A. Grant *
Lyndsay Green *
Paula Gunn
William & Dorothy Hamilton *
May Hamilton *
Louise Hatch *
Brenda Henderson *
Gerhard & Josephine Herndler *
Eugene & Bonnie Hetherington *
Katrin Horowitz *
Mary Louise Horton *
Bev Houldsworth *
Sheila Hunter
Rob & Shirley Hunter
Patricia Huntsman *
Ellie James *
Rex Johnson *
Carol Jane Johnston *
Chris Jones & Catherine Wright
Peter & Arden Kagis
Robert & Sydney Kalef
Harriet Kendrick *
Ellen Kierulf *
Mary Kimpton *
Bruce & Gwyneth Kingham *
Kim Knight *
George Kyle
Yvonne Lawson
David A. Leach
Al & Karyn Lehmann *
Lynn / Susan
Lee Lindsay *
Ian & Gladwyn Lochhead *
Kevin & Cheryl Anne Lumley *
Katherine Joan Maas *
Pam MacDonald *
Joan MacLeod
John A. MacNicol
Thomas & Marilyn Mahan *
Ken & May Mah-Paulson *
Ronald Manzer
Margaret Martin *
Sandra Diane Martyn
Sandy Mayzel & John Gould
Ken McDougall *
Barbara McLauchlin
Lois McNabb *
Fay Melling
Barbara Menzies *
Gail Meston *
Rob Mitchell and Eloise Spitzer
Joanne Moon *
Graham C. Morgan *
Hazel Morris *
Catharine & Anthony Moses *
Jack & Marilyn Mulkins *
Earl & Roxanne Naismith
Stephen & Barbara Newton *
Kris Ovens *
Jo Owens *
Anne Park Shannon
Arlene D. Paton *
Nancy Payeur *
Julie & Bill Pearce
Gordon Phillipe & Anne Holtzman *
Ron and Mary Pollock *
Michael Rassenti *
Peter Richards
John & Donna Richardson *
Shelagh & Brad Rinald
Penny & Mel Rinald *
Dennie T. Rothschild *
Joan Saunders *
Peter Seward
Kathryn Sihota *
Marie Skinnider *
Gordon & Laura Smith *
C. Stephen & Mary Smith *
Kathy St. John
Catherine A. Stephenson
Susan Stevenson & William Bruce McGuigan
Veronica Stockwell *
Megan Stone *
Matt Stone *
Stephen & Jeanette Titus *
Beverley Tracey *
Andrew and Joanne Turner 
Bob & Vicky Turner *
Anne Underhill *
Matt & Jean Valikoski *
Lindy Van Alstine
Nick van Der Westhuizen *
Margaret Walker *
Donald & Adelina White
Carolyn Whitfield *
Lorraine Whiting *
Jim & Anne Williams *
Bill Williamson *
Carol Wimbush *
Brian Linds & Jan Wood
D.W. Young *
Anonymous (20)
Our thanks to the 324 Believers ($75 – $149) and 1141 Friends (up to $74) 
* Donated cancelled tickets 
† Through the Victoria Foundation
As of April 28, 2021

Belfry Theatre Donors – Capital

The Belfry Theatre thanks our generous donors who contributed to the 2020 / 21 Capital Retrofitting Project. Their support made it possible to install a wheelchair elevator and washroom backstage, making our stage and dressing rooms accessible to all artists, visitors, volunteers and staff.

Andrew Sheret Limited

The Barraclough Foundation

British Columbia Arts Council

Charis and Brian

Donna Christie & Richard Shapka

Alex & Samantha Currie

Government of Canada

The Hamber Foundation

Jill Kean

Mary McAvoy

Peninsula Co-op

Cindy Petrowski & Phillip Marsh

Nicola Ruth Rendell

Milton Schlosser & Paul Harland

Rotary Club of Victoria

Victoria Foundation

Patricia M. Young

Anonymous (6)

Plus 3 Name a Seat donors