February 7 – March 5, 2023

Simultaneous live stream broadcasts from February 21 – 26

“...The Unplugging is so funny, smart, and nuanced…”

“...both charming and sentimental...the script has a sense of humour to keep its message from overwhelming the relationships at its heart.”

“…a gentle, emotional, immediate morality tale…timely, fascinating, and necessary.”

When all the world’s technology ceases to function, it is time to find a new way of surviving—or an old way. Two women—one Indigenous and one white, exiled from their village for being too old to bear children—trudge across the desolate, post-apocalyptic ruin, relying on traditional wisdom for survival. When a charismatic stranger appears, seeking their aid, they must choose whether to use their knowledge of the past to provide hope for the future to the community that branded them “useless.”

Yvette was inspired to write The Unplugging after the death of her mother, and the realization that she had not learned enough about her Anishinaabe heritage.


Lois Anderson - Bern
Marsha Knight - Elena
čačumḥi – aaron wells - Seamus
Krystle Pederson - Musician


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