Why I Chose

Why I Chose As Above

I should probably begin with: “Why I Commissioned This Play.”

I first encountered Christine Quintana’s work as a playwright in Vancouver in 2019.   I attended a performance of Never the Last, and was incredibly impressed by her writing.  The structure, the ideas and the language were confident and sophisticated.  The entire production—which Christine co-created with violinist Molly MacKinnon—was intellectually and emotionally engaging.

I have loved As Above from the first version I read, through subsequent drafts, and workshops.  The relationship between Jo and Rick is one I have never seen onstage before.  These are real people, and their flaws and their needs make them incredibly moving.  As Above celebrates the power of the human spirit and the power of the world around us—both seen and unseen.  Christine combines the messy reality of our human-ness, with the beauty and magic of nature, and creates a universe full of hope and second chances.

Plus: it’s got great roles for three great actors—!