WILL POWER – Joan Peggs


Belfry Board member Joan Peggs has enjoyed a long relationship with the Belfry Theatre, stretching back to 1976 when the theatre was founded, and she first started as a volunteer.

Joan started in the concession booth, which at the time was in the actual theatre space, at the back of the seating area, where she could watch the performance from right behind the counter. Joan loved the theatre and the social aspects of volunteering and has been a mainstay of the Belfry community ever since.

“It’s brought me a lot of enjoyment and pleasure,” says Joan. “The Belfry has a great presence in Victoria. It started locally and has worked really hard to establish a place for itself in the community and a great reputation across the country.”

As someone who has been coming to the theatre for nearly five decades, Joan is an eager champion for the cause. Along with her volunteer and Board duties, Joan believes in encouraging people to support the Belfry in whatever way they can, including volunteering and financial support.

“I think it’s important to support organizations like this, especially in the arts community, because they’re vital to our community,” says Joan. “Life is all about trying to help people and make the world better for people, that’s how I see it

In addition to her volunteer work, Joan makes a substantial annual donation and made a major multi-year pledge to the Belfry’s capital campaign to renovate the lobby in 2017. In honour of this generosity, the Front of House area is named for Joan.

Joan has also taken the step to include the Belfry in her Will, along with other charitable organizations, a decision she is grateful to be in the position to make. The gift in her Will isn’t huge, says Joan, but builds on what she’s currently donating while she’s still able to see it put to good use. She knows that it all counts and that each gift makes a difference.

“You have to decide for yourself what values you have in life, what is of importance to you, what brings you joy,” says Joan. “You hope those things will bring joy to other people and you can help that happen by leaving a gift in your Will. You can enable that organization to carry on.”

More and more Canadians like Joan are making the decision to leave gifts for their favourite charities in their Will. The Belfry is proud to be part of a national campaign called Will Power. The campaign is inspiring Canadians to think differently about giving and consider a gift to charity in their will, along with making provisions for loved ones left behind.

To learn more about Will Power and how you can leave a gift in your Will, visit the Belfry’s Will Power webpage at: