Digital Program – Intimate Apparel

The Belfry Theatre presents

Intimate Apparel

By Lynn Nottage

CAST (in order of appearance)

Jenny Brizard Esther
Lucinda Davis Mrs. Dickson
Matthew G. Brown George
Melissa Taylor Mrs. Van Buren
Matthew Gorman Mr. Marks
Amira Anderson Mayme


Lynn Nottage – Playwright
Nigel Shawn Williams – Director
Denyse Karn – Set & Costume Designer
T. Erin Gruber – Lighting Designer
Tobin Stokes – Composer & Sound Designer
Treena Stubel – Intimacy Director
Adrienne Smook – Dialect Coach
Jennifer Swan – Stage Manager
Becca Jorgensen – Assistant Stage Manager

Intimate Apparel is approximately two hours and 25 minutes long including a 15-minute intermission.

This production is supported by a generous gift from

Sheila & Paul Elworthy

Intimate Apparel is generously sponsored by

The Belfry Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and engages professional artists who are members of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the terms of the jointly negotiated Canadian Theatre Agreement.

Intimate Apparel live stream is produced with the cooperation of the Union of B.C. Performers.

Union of British Columbia Performers and ACTRA
Union of British Columbia Performers and ACTRA



…from the Artistic Director

Welcome back to the Belfry!  —simple words that hold such emotion.  Thank you for coming back with such passion last season—and thank you for being here now—!

The beginning of a new season is like embarking on a new journey—and this one begins in 1905, in New York City, in Mrs. Dickson’s boarding house in Lower Manhattan. Each scene has a title—such as Wedding Corset: White Satin with Pink Roses, or White Cotton Bed Linen—making it clear that Lynn Nottage is addressing matters of intimacy. Her play is infused with it—together with yearning, tenderness, and love. That these qualities and emotions may be hidden or misdirected is what makes this story so universal—and recognizable.

With a full heart, I welcome you back to this gem of a theatre. And welcome back to our director, Nigel Shawn Williams, and actor Lucinda Davis, of last season’s Serving Elizabeth. And a very special welcome to Isaac Thomas, our wonderful new Executive Director.  It’s a new season and a new chapter for the Belfry—!


…from the Executive Director

With all of three months under my belt at the Belfry, it is a pleasure to welcome all of you to the first production of the season. I am delighted to join a theatre that is such an integral part of the city, with a powerful army of supporters—donors, audience members, board members and well-wishers behind it.

When I emigrated to Canada from Delhi via Ohio, I was perhaps the only South Asian stage manager in Toronto at the time. For many reasons, I ended up working on productions with primarily Indigenous, Black and POC artistic teams. Eventually, I managed an Indigenous theatre company, for a near decade.

Towards the end of that decade, as various leadership positions opened up, I struggled to find a satisfying next step into mainstream theatre. Work, for me, is so much about the purpose, the impact and potential social change. And, of course, interesting and challenging art is a must! I was unsure whether I could find a theatre that could fit my political and artistic interests. When this position came up, the confluence of the Belfry’s and my interests made the choice to apply inevitable. The Belfry is very much a leader in the work we are doing with education, leadership training, and programming choices. The national impact of the work here is massive in terms of our relative size. Michael and Ivan have created a wonderful reputation

for the company in the artistic community across the country. Many of the staff have been here for several years, some even decades, which speaks to their belief and commitment as well as to the organizational stability and culture.

I read the script in June (moistly wilting in an intense Chennai summer). I love the characters’ lack of complacency, their aspiring for more and their search for solutions within an oppressive environment. And still, their need to connect. The play forces dialogue around marginalization, which always fascinates me. Each of you may see these characters differently and respond to the play in very different ways. That is the glory of art. I look forward to hearing your perspectives, and thus, hopefully, getting to know you a little bit better.

I am delighted that this is my first Belfry production here, rekindling old friendships, and forming new ones. Thank you again for being here. Your sustained support means so very much to us. Here’s to this new journey!


Director’s Notes

The lie of the American Dream (the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved), has affected us all. We now know that equality and opportunity is not an aspiration that can be achieved by all. The under-represented: immigrants, Indigenous peoples, Blacks, and women, were never included in this promise. Time and time again, our stories, our Rights, our humanity have been shown to be unimportant by the system of white patriarchy, which is too stubborn or too afraid to relinquish and/or to share power.

The recent decision in the United States to take away a woman’s right to choose what happens to their own body, reminds us of the fragility of our rights and equality. Intimate Apparel tells us a story about this fragility and how the lie of the American Dream has infiltrated our psyche. How can a Black woman, or a woman, or an immigrant, or a Black man find their own sense of independence, self-worth, and humanity when they are told that it cannot exist unless one obeys and marries the system of their oppressors? This play attempts to reveal that the first step to having a body that is truly free, is when one breaks the shackles of our mind from the beliefs and the lies that the patriarchal systems have been trying to feed us for centuries.

One Black woman’s journey can teach us much.

Nigel Shawn Williams

About the Belfry

The Belfry Theatre is on the land of the Lək̓ʷəŋən People, known today as the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations. The Lək̓ʷəŋən people have been keepers of this land for millennia and we offer our respect and gratitude for our uninvited presence on their territory.

These lands are within the disputed Douglas Treaties territories, treaties that were negotiated verbally, signed to blank pieces of paper by the Indigenous leaders and then had text added by the colonial government. The colonial perspective on the treaty is one of a sale of land, while the Indigenous perspective is a sharing of territory.

The Songhees are members of the Te’mexw Treaty Association seeking a modern treaty with the Crown on their rights, territory and self-government.

The Belfry Theatre is a registered Canadian charity, 11921 5549 RR0001.

The Belfry Theatre is a member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Destination Greater Victoria, and the Professional Arts Alliance of Greater Victoria.

President – Richard Brownsey
Vice President – Dr. Sheila Elworthy
Secretary – Alison Watt
Treasurer – Morley Wilkins
Past President – Helen Lansdowne

Gloria Back
Cathi Charles Wherry
Mikaila Mauro
Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair
Kini McDonald
Joan Peggs
Lisa Ricci
Andy Stephenson

Honorary Board of Directors
Chair Emeritus Patrick Stewart

Honorary Directors
Sherri Bird
Barbara Greeniaus
Robert Johnston Q.C.
John Keay
Joan Snowden
Dr. Brian Winsby
Michael Ziegler

Kate Barry – Interim Development Manager
Jane Broomfield – Front of House Manager
Claire Cacheux – Box Office Clerk
Matty Cervantes – Manager of Community & Artistic Connections
Danica Charlie – Box Office Clerk
Helena Descoteau – Box Office Supervisor
Mark Dusseault – Director of Marketing & Communications
Linda Findlay – Head of Wardrobe
Mike Ford – Director of Production & Operations
Ian Gibson – Audience Services Manager
Keith Houghton – Head Technician & Systems Administrator
Valerie Houle – Producer
Nora Kidson – Box Office Clerk & Front of House Supervisor
Carole Klemm – Scenic Artist
Jeff Kulak – Graphic Designer
Jeremy MacLeod – Technical Director
Patricia O’Brien – Financial Officer
Samantha Pelkey – Associate Producer & Indigenous Relations Manager
Peter Pokorny – Head of Props
Dale Pudwell – Master Carpenter
Michael Shamata – Artistic Director
Lara Shepard – Scenic Artist
Branden Sugden – Artistic Leadership Intern*
Jennifer Swan – Stage Manager
Isaac Thomas – Executive Director
Cian Waldron – Box Office Clerk
Deborah Williams – Associate Artist
Golnaz Zad – Development Associate
Celena Cook – Custodial, Celena’s Cleaning Co.
* RBC Emerging Artist Enhancement Program

Gregor Craigie – B4Play Host
Aidan Dunsmuir – B4Play Technician
David Cooper, Emily Cooper, Jo-Ann Richards, Peter Pokorny, and Don Craig – Photographers

Bonnie Light – Programme Advertising – Bonnie Light ( or 250-388-5321)

Rhonda Ganz – Print Program Design and production

Carolyn Moon – Venue Tech/ Props Support
Sadie Fox – Dresser
Jane Nares – Interim Head of Wardrobe
Shannon Carmichael – Wardrobe Assistant
Emily Trepanier – Lighting Crew
Ken Matthews – Lighting Crew
Carson Schmidt – Lighting Crew

St. Nicholas Church
Victoria High School
Victor School

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For patrons with low or no vision, this season we will offer two online VocalEye performances (Vigil and The Unplugging). For the online events, the lobby opens at 6:30 pm for socializing, an official welcome at 6:45 with an intro to the show and then the show starts at 7:00 pm. Afterwards, we have a Q and A and a prize draw. For Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story, we will be offering an in-person event followed by a Touch Tour.

During VocalEye performances, trained Audio Describers provide descriptions of the visual elements of the show, allowing people with low vision to enjoy the theatrical experience without missing any of the details.

Please visit the Box Office for details. 

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Cast & Creative Team

Jenny Brizard – Esther

Originally from Montreal, Jenny Brizard started her performing arts career as a dancer and has done shows with Cirque du Soleil, and more. She has evolved into a powerhouse of an actress with an impressive list of credits—A Million Little Things, Locke & Key, The Handmaid’s Tale, Shadowhunters—just to name a few. She also just wrapped her fourth season playing Emily Diggs on CBC’s Diggstown. Earlier this year, in Montreal, Jenny appeared in Pipeline, a co-production between Black Theatre Workshop and La Licorne, a play presented in both English and French. She is thrilled to be here with us for this run.

Lucinda Davis – Mrs. Dickinson

Lucinda Davis is thrilled to return to the Belfry Theatre and share this beautiful story with a talented and diverse team. Hailing from Tio’Tia: Ke/Montreal, she is co-founder of Metachroma Theatre, whose mandate is to normalize the presence of performers of colour on Canadian stages. She is the proud recipient of performance awards from the Montreal English Theatre Awards (METAs), Prix Rideau Awards, ACTRA Montreal Awards, and was ACTRA Montreal’s Woman of the Year in 2017. Her list of theatre credits includes Serving Elizabeth (Belfry Theatre), How Black Mothers Say I Love You (Great Canadian Theatre Company), The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble (Factory Theatre and Obsidian Theatre), Doubt, Intimate Apparel (Centaur Theatre), Adventures of a Black Girl In Search Of God (National Arts Centre, Centaur Theatre and Black Theatre Workshop), Harlem Duet (Black Theatre Workshop) and random (Imago Theatre and Black Theatre Workshop).

Melissa Taylor – Mrs. Van Buren

Melissa was born and raised on Lekwungen Territory (Victoria, BC), where she currently resides and works as an actor and playwright. She holds a BFA in Theatre (UVic) and completed her MFA in Playwriting in 2017. After graduating, she spent three years in Toronto where she worked in both theatre and film/ TV. Favourite credits include Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible (Hart House Theatre), Philomela in If We Were Birds (Theatre Inconnu), and Hannah Maynard in Be Still (hapax theatre).

Matthew Gorman – Mr. Marks

Originally from Nova Scotia, Matthew lives and works in Toronto. As a playwright: Western, a play with music; Adventure!; Like A Dog; and Our Lady of the Sea. Co-written with Arlin Dixon: Giving Up The Ghost and Nithy and the Unsolvable Case. As an actor: Jamie Cavanaugh (Roseneath Theatre), Great Expectations (Neptune Theatre), Fall In Paris (Eastern Front), Rum and Vodka, Vincent River (Cart/Horse Theatre), Hana’s Suitcase (Grand Theatre), The Drawer Boy (Theatre Athena). As a director: Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Hart House Theatre, Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Your Good Friends, and Cart/Horse Theatre. He’s been on TV a few times.

Amira Anderson – Mayme

Amira Anderson is a Vancouver-based actress, writer, and show creator who began her acting journey in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This is her second professional theatre production, following How the Deed is Done with Tomosuru Productions. She is very grateful for the opportunity to work with these incredibly talented artists and hopes you enjoy this labour of love.

Matthew G. Brown – George

Belfry debut. Elsewhere: Billy Elliot, Little Shop of Horrors, To Kill A Mockingbird, Twelfth Night, The Who’s: Tommy, (Stratford Festival), Is God Is, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Canadian Stage), Calpurnia (Nightwood) Sister Act (Drayton), Wizard of Oz, Cinderella: A RATtical retelling, (YPT), I Think I Can (YPT, N.A.C), Hair (The Grand), Jersey Boys (Dancap, Dodgers). Selected Film & TV: Pretty Hard Cases (CBC) Good Witch (Hallmark), The Kennedys (History Television), Odd Squad (PBS), Hailstorm (CFC) Instant Star (CTV), MR D (CBC). Training: Randolph College, the CFC Actors Conservatory. For updates, follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @ItsMrMGB

Nigel Shawn Williams – Director

Nigel Shawn Williams is the former Co-Artistic Director of Factory Theatre. He is an award-winning actor and director. His theatre credits include five seasons at the Stratford and four seasons at the Shaw Festivals, as well as in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. He continues to collaborate with theatre companies throughout Canada. Nigel is also heavily active in new play development. He is also an educator, having taught at York University, University of Windsor, Dalhousie University, and the National Theatre School of Canada.

Denyse Karn – Set & Costume Designer

Denyse Karn is a graduate of the Toronto Metropolitan University and NSCAD University. She has received many Dora Mavor Moore nominations and awards, a Chalmers Award and Merritt Awards (Nova Scotia Theatre Award) for Outstanding Design. Denyse is a full member of ADC659. Select Theatre Credits: Othello, To Kill a Mockingbird (Stratford Festival); Art, The Mountaintop (Grand Theatre, London); Onegin (Musical Stage Company); King Charles III, You Will Remember Me, NSFW (Studio 180); The Watershed (Crow’s Theatre/Porte Parole); Her2, The Carousel, Penelopiad, Happy Woman, The List (Nightwood); Twisted, Stop Heart (Factory); The Winter’s Tale (Canadian Stage); Top Girls (Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre).

T. Erin Gruber – Lighting Designer

T. Erin Gruber is an award-winning set, lighting, costume, and projected media designer. She works professionally across Canada and her work has been toured and exhibited internationally. She is a member of the board of directors of the Associated Designers of Canada and an instructor at the University of Alberta. Award-winning projects: Métis Mutt (One Little Indian Productions, Sterling Award for Outstanding Production), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (Citadel Theatre and RMTC, Sterling Award for Lighting Design). Online at:

Tobin Stokes – Composer & Sound Designer

Since the late eighties, Tobin has had the privilege of being involved at the Belfry as a performer, arranger, musical director, composer, and sound designer for various productions. Musical projects here have featured the music of Leonard Cohen, Patsy Cline, Harry Chapin, Joni Mitchell, and Tobin’s first opera, The Vinedressers. Besides creating for theatre, Tobin composes for orchestra, opera, and choir, and he scores documentary films.

Treena Stubel – Intimacy & Choreography Director

Treena Stubel has been working in theatre for over thirty years as a choreographer, dancer, actor, and movement specialist. Most recently she directed I Claudia and co-directed Ride the Cyclone for Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre.  She has appeared in a wide range of stage productions and has created numerous new physical theatre works for festivals in Canada and abroad. She has choreographed for: Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Bard On The Beach, The Belfry Theatre, The Caravan Farm Theatre, Atomic Vaudeville, Theatre SKAM and her own company Bounce Performance Works. She has received two Monday Magazine Awards, A Chrystal Award, and nominations for both Sterling and Broadway World Awards for Best Choreography. She is also a sought-after teacher of movement and holds an MFA in Lecoq Physical Theatre from LISPA in London, UK. 

Jennifer Swan – Stage Manager

Born and raised on Lekwungen territory, also known as Victoria, she is thankful to the Songhees and Esquimalt nations, on whose land she has the immense privilege to be living. Jen has been a part of the Belfry since 1999, and it remains one of her favourite places. When not stage managing, she works in theatre administration.

Becca Jorgensen – Assistant Stage Manager

Becca Jorgensen is a Vancouver Island-born and raised Indo-Canadian Marathoner. As a Stage Manager, Becca has supported teams on the West Coast from Theatre to Opera, to Dance, and beyond. She is overjoyed to be creating and working with the Belfry Theatre for her 6th Season. Becca is a graduate of the University of Victoria and a proud auntie to Audrey Nora, Clara Jane, Ellie Mae, Otis, and Primrose.


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